About Us

Welcome to Able Upholstery.

Able Upholstery is one of Christchurch’s most innovative and creative upholstery companies. Able Upholstery leads the way in providing solutions for your old, modern, best-loved, family heirloom, antique and … furniture.

Able Upholstery provides timeless craftsmanship for furniture with both traditional and modern fabrics. Techniques that

Preserving yesterday’s heirlooms for enjoyment today and for future generations.

Our services include making new boat and caravan squabs, and a range of covers. Able Upholstery offers a unique service in restoring classic and vintage prams.

Attention to detail is paramount at Able Upholstery.

Personalised service………….

Re-use, re-love,  re-cycle

Able Upholstery: re-beautifying your assets

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